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Academic Advising

Our goal is to teach your student specific skills that will be useful during his or her current studies, then go onto apply these necessary skills throughout their college and professional careers. Academic Advising, also known as Executive Functioning training, focuses on helping students improve their time management, organization, study skills and much more. While many of the students we work with have a learning disability, our services are equally as effective for those without a diagnosis. Our aim is to help these students learn to navigate academics by giving them tools to enhance their strengths and encourage them to achieve success. 


Our approach is individualized, relationship-based and collaborative. We do not work off of set curriculums; we tailor our approach to the needs and goals of each student and their family. Our experience with students has taught us that collaboration and an encouraging  positive relationship are the keys to a successful outcome. Creating a relationship of teamwork and trust between tutor and student allows quicker and more effective teaching.


School is difficult for many students which can create stress within the household. Let us take on the academics, so that you can focus your relationship with your child. 


We currently support students from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in both public and private schools. Our Advisers works with students who attend Aledo ISD, All Saints' Episcopal, Fort Worth Academy, Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth ISD, Trinity Valley School and various universities across the country. If desired, we are happy to partner with school administration, teachers, learning specialists and diagnosticians to ensure the best services for your family. 

What we do.

  • Teach students the skills to improve:

    • Academic Success

    • Critical Thinking

    • Executive Functioning

    • Motivation

    • Note Taking

    • Organization

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Self-Advocacy

    • Stress Management

    • Task Initiation

    • Test Preparation

    • Time Management​

    • Writing and Communication

  • Transition students into high school or college

  • Take a collaborative and individualized approach

  • Empower student's to self-advocate and take responsibility

Sequence of Services

Phone Consultation

We will schedule a call to learn more about the needs of your family and your student.

Initial Meeting

Your Adviser will come to your home and meet with you and your student. At this time, we learn about the interests of your student and earn their


Beginning of Service

Most of our clients meet with us once a week either at their school or at their home. 

Academic Advisers Team

Achieve Advisers is team of passionate and caring people who strive to help each student find their own success, while meeting the expectations of their parents and their school. Your student will be paired with a specific Adviser based on their needs, interests and their goals. We are looking forward to meeting your family.

Image of Pamela Gilchrist
Owner and Academic Adviser

Image of Johnny Aviles

Academic Adviser

image of Alex Finie

Academic Adviser

Christine's headshot

Academic Adviser

image of Katie Harth

Academic Adviser

image of Katie Matson

Academic Adviser


Academic Adviser

image of Emma Ramsey

Academic Adviser

Image of ReillyJo Wescott

Academic Adviser

In addition to our Academic Coaching, we have recently expanded our services to include College Application Coaching. 

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