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Dyslexia Tutoring

It can be overwhelming when you child is diagnosed with a learning difference and dyslexia is no different. Dyslexic students often have not developed the skills to automate the decoding portion of reading. As a result, decoding takes longer and students are unable to focus on comprehension of the content. We believe that strategies such as mastering sight words, inference, structural analysis and phonics allows students to more fluently and accurately decode.

Your student may need support when.

  • Traditional reading methods are not working

  • Reading level is below expectations for the student's intellectual level

  • When reading, words are omitted, reversed, or added

  • Slow reading speed

  • Vowels are misread more than consonants

  • Difficulty remembering printed words

  • Persistent spelling errors

  • Lack of pattern or consistency for determining sound-letter relationship

What we do.

  • Review assessments and create an individualized strategy for growth​​

  • Use a resources and methodologies developed at Scottish Rite by providing concrete instruction in:

    • relation of letters to sounds

    • identification of short and long vowels

    • recognization and identification of syllables

    • using formulas to spell

    • identifying base words, prefixes, and suffixes

    • vowel and consent identification

    • reading speed and fluency 

    • comprehension

    • handwriting​​

  • Use baseline testing and routine re-testing to measure student growth

  • Coordinate with diagnosticians, teachers, and school faculty to streamline services

  • Advocate for compliance with 504 plans or student learning plans

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Meet Kendra.


With over 20 years of experience, Kendra has a wide range of experience interacting with and motivating students that need help with organization, study skills and finding unique ways of looking at challenges. She earned a BFA in Communications from TCU, is Orton-Gillingham trained from Scottish Rite Hospital, and has developed an expertise for working with dyslexic and ADHD students.

Kendra started her career at The Shelton School in Dallas, and continued her teaching journey by helping start a similar school that educates bright students that learn differently in Birmingham, Alabama. Dyslexia reading classes were her main focus at both schools, but she also taught and tutored all subjects. Tutoring students has been a passion of hers and she knows that a supportive relationship can have significant impact on students’ academic success. Kendra is inspired by her students because she can see their progress as they learn mastery over their dyslexia diagnosis. 


Kendra and her husband Wade love to travel and spend time with their two grown children and extended family in Dallas and Fort Worth. 

The goal of our Dyslexia Tutoring is to help students learn to navigate their diagnosis so they can regain their confidence

and love of learning.  

Ashley, an Overton Park Elementary parent

Our son has benefited so much from having Mrs. Kendra as his dyslexia tutor. He has gained confidence in reading and his academic grades have risen. He looks forward to working with her every week and we feel like she has become part of our family. He looks forward to telling her about his successes in the classroom, which is a big deal for our 9 yr old son. As his Mom it has also been nice to have another person in our corner advocating for our son. You can tell Mrs. Kendra loves what she does and I think that positively impacts her students’ achievements in the classroom. 

Lauren, a Lily B Clayton parent

Kendra’s nurturing demeanor and calm but instructive presence are exactly what our child needed to feel comfortable and confident.   In the time our child spent with Kendra we saw consistent improvement week to week in her reading skills and fluency. 

We are so grateful!

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