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Emma Ramsey

Academic Adviser

Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Stephen F. Austin State University and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in Poetry and Creative Writing from North Carolina State University. While tutoring as an undergraduate, Emma developed a passion for helping students find their personal inspiration and the drive to finish their assignments well.  As a tutor, Emma counts it a privilege to watch students discover their own ability to learn and gain confidence in their academics. As students get older, clear communication and writing become a critical skill. In addition to Academic Advising, Emma also works as an Achieve Advisers' English Tutor.  Emma believes “writing is all about self-discovery, about the depths of imagination and understanding in each of us.” In her free time, Emma enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading. 

Renee, a parent at Fort Worth ISD

It is my great pleasure to recommend Emma Ramsey to work with your teenage child. Emma has been working for one month with my daughter who is a senior in high school.  This is the first time my daughter is completing her courses with an online school program.  Emma meets with my daughter twice per week.  

My daughter instantly felt comfortable working with Emma.  She is extremely patient, kind, intelligent and helpful.  My daughter has a desire to learn her school classes with Emma's guidance. Emma has assisted my daughter to plan her weekly curriculum on a calendar.  Emma sends me weekly detailed updates to understand what my daughter is learning and accomplishing. I know my daughter will succeed and graduate high school having Emma providing academic structure and loyal support.

Anne, a parent at Fort Worth ISD

My son has been working with Emma since the beginning of the school year. Because of the work they're doing together, I've noticed a significant improvement in his organizational skills, his executive functioning skills, and his focus on setting goals, both immediate and long term. Now Emma helps him stay on top of assignments, so I can be my son's mother instead of a constant nag. Everyone is happier!

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