Katie Headshot.jpeg

Katie Matson
Academic Adviser

Raised in Fort Worth and a graduate from Trinity Valley School, Katie Matson, never strayed far from home. After earning her B.S. in Strategic Communication at Texas Christian University, Katie worked at Casa Manana as their Digital Media Specialist and Social Media Manager for three years before deciding to go back to TCU to pursue her MBA in Marketing. Katie believes that forming a strong relationship that is based on trust allows students to openly address both difficulty and celebrate success. She says, “I hope to help all of my students feel confident in their studies and outside of the classroom so that they can achieve their goals!”. As a naturally detail oriented individual, Katie is action directed and skilled at helping students take care of things “now” instead of waiting. She has a unique ability to help students develop strategies to overcome procrastination and increase their level of effort. Her students describe her as compassionate, invested and a source of motivation. In addition to her business degrees, Katie also studied Spanish at TCU and she considers herself bi-lingual in conversational Spanish. Her knowledge in Spanish inspires students that they too can learn another language. 


In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, binging thrillers, and exploring Fort Worth with her dog Finn. She is also an avid member of the Junior League of Fort Worth.