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Virtual Learning Facilitation

There is much uncertainty about the coming semesters for all students. Many families are electing for their students to attend school virtually, but that can be a strain on the parent-child relationship and parents are sacrificing their own work. Many students are struggling to retain information and complete the necessary assignments. So, let us help you with…

Our plan.

  • In Home Service allows for increased convenience & safety
  • Partner with Schools & Teachers to provide continuity, maximum learning, & accountability

  • Small Groups Encouraged to maintain student social interaction and connection

  • Trained Professionals who are familiar with school systems & digital platforms

  • Services include 3 hours a day for either 4 or 5 days a week depending on need
  • Teach additional skills to enhance student focus, retention and accountability

Let us remove the battle of virtual learning and increase

compliance and retention!

Are you prepared?
Contact Us today to reserve your spot if school requires virtual learning.
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