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mallorie mcglothlin

Mallorie McGlothlin
Academic Adviser

As a Fort Worth native, Mallorie graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Early Childhood education, but recently left the classroom as a full time teacher to spend more time with her family. While being a teacher during COVID brought many trials, Mallorie attributes some of her most creative teaching techniques to that time because she learned to captivate students while being flexible in her teaching style. She believes that there is not just one way to learn or do something.


Mallorie’s students describe her as a warm and inviting personality who exudes a positive & infectious energy. Her approachability allows her to easily connect with students of all ages and guide them through difficult tasks. In addition, Mallorie’s teaching style is student-centered as she tailors her guidance to each student’s individual needs. She “encourages curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and provides constructive feedback because they are essential elements in facilitating effective learning and growth”. As an experienced teacher, Mallorie is not afraid to hold students accountable and challenge them to take responsibility and become more effective students. 


In her free time, Mallorie loves spending time with her family. She is either cooking, baking or challenging her three boys to friendly competition during family game night. 

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