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Kate Harth
Academic Adviser

Katie graduated from TCU with a degree in History and Political Science, but has primarily been working in Corporate Event Planning and Business Development Managment. She is skilled at sequencing tasks and breaking them down into small pieces while keeping the big picture in mind. Being diagnosed with ADHD in High School, Katie is inspired to work with students who are facing their own struggles to help them find the best strategies to not only absorb information but excel academically.  She believes that “Every student has the capacity to conquer their studies!”. Students are able to quickly connect with Katie due to her warm and friendly personality, but she is easily able to hold them accountable to their personal growth. 


In her free time, Katie loves running, playing golf and spending time with her friends. As a former TCU cheerleader, Katie loves everything TCU and she is a longtime Frog Fan. She is also passionate about travel and has been to 14 different countries and 5 different continents, including Antarctica. 

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