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Johnny Aviles
Academic Adviser and Math Tutor

Johnny Aviles earned his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of North Texas. Currently teaching geometry at Everman High School, Johnny is described by as his students as knowledge, easy going and understanding. Johnny began working for Achieve Advisers as a math tutor, but overtime his role has grown to including teaching skills to enhance executive functioning. Johnny aims to be creative and engaging when introducing new topics so that students can relate to the concepts before learning them. Helping his students understand they why, not only inspires increased perseverance but also gains study buy-in. His approach is methodical and patient so that students can master concepts without anxiety.  He believes that, "educators must earn the trust of the students so that they are free to make a mistake without feeling discouraged”. Johnny is certified to teach all levels of high school mathematics including algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus.


In his free time, Johnny enjoys drawing in his sketch book, working out and spending time with his friends and family. 

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