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Christine Clutterbuck Booher

Academic Adviser

Christine graduated from Texas Christian University with a B.A. in Finance & Entrepreneurship, and a minor in Accounting. During her time at TCU, she discovered a passion for helping young people to grow and develop their potential, both academically and personally. Her natural leadership led her to serve as President of the TCU Entrepreneurship Club and of her sorority. Christine strives to guide students to take on tasks and challenges without fear of failing by providing appropriate support and guidance, helping them understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, while building on their past accomplishments and focusing on the future.


Christine believes that success is subjective and she assists each student in determining goals which allow them to achieve their personal success. Christine spends her free time with her Britney Spaniel, reading, and exploring new local eateries.

Roshan, a Trinity Valley
School parent

Christine was amazing. She connected so well with my daughter. She is a great communicator and helped my daughter come up with solutions. My daughter definitely bought into the plan of action and it had great results. 

Linda, a Trinity Valley
School parent

My son still has room for growth, but each year he has grown. This year he has grown exponentially.  I am so grateful he has Christine. He trusts her and so do I.  We especially like how patient, constant and flexible Christine is with him. She never loses faith and can always see that he is going to learn to do the things he needs to be successful.

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