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Shelby Orr headshot.JPG

Shelby Orr
Academic Adviser

Shelby Orr, a graduate of Texas Tech University, has been working with students since 2017. She earned a degree in Education with a concentration in middle school English and Social Studies during her time in West Texas. Shelby has since dedicated her career to helping students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. While she has been an educator for over five years, she believes that her role extends past the boundaries of four classroom walls. She says, “My job is to allow students to see their potential. If I communicate to my students the potential I see in them, they will start to see it in themselves.” Her students and peers describe her as empathetic and loyal, but more importantly, she is a problem solver. She holds that each student is unique and that each student requires a personalized approach to helping them learn to be the best version of themselves. Shelby believes that any problem can be resolved by being adaptable and creative.


In Shelby’s spare time, you will find her curled up with a new book, volunteering at her church, hosting her friends, or watching the latest reality television show. 

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