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Marit Winborn
Academic Adviser

Marit, a graduate of the University of Alabama, majored in Human Development and Family studies and later earned a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Auburn University. Since 2017, Marit has mentored college students in their academic journey, while also providing guidance in the extracurricular components of the college experience. Currently working at Texas Christian University as a Coordinator for Community Engagement, Marit helps students navigate the barriers that are preventing them from finding success. She believes that, “Students are the drivers of their education. We are simply here to help them get to where they need to be.” While Marit’s experience is focused on college-aged students, she leverages that knowledge to inspire middle school and high school students to develop skills and challenge themselves to achieve the best versions of themselves. She says that, “people need other people, especially in high school”. Marit is passionate about developing students to reach their full potential. 


When Marit is not working with students, she enjoys playing pickleball, attending concerts with friends and her guilty pleasure of reality television shows. 

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