Jordan May

Academic Adviser

Jordan graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Psychology in addition to a B.A. in Studio Art. From there she went on to pursue a dual Masters in Counseling and in Art Therapy. During her graduate internship, Jordan discovered her passion and desire to work with teens and young adults by helping them develop their full potential. Although Achieve Advisers is not a counseling agency, Jordan integrates the skills learned in her counseling program to better understand and build relationship with her clients, help them meet their goals, and provide individual support to suit their unique needs. Jordan’s engaging and genuine personality paired with her natural skills of organization and efficiency allows her to inspire and create structure with her clients. She strives to help students navigate their academic and personal ambitions while encouraging their particular definition of achievement.


Jordan is currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Art Therapist. In her free time she enjoys taking walks with her pup, creating art, and traveling. 

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