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Holly Harris
General Academic Support

Holly grew up in Los Angeles, California, but decided to attend Texas Christian University after being named a Chancellor’s Scholar, which is TCU’s most prestigious merit-based full ride scholarship. Currently a Junior, she is working towards a B.A. in History with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. While academics have come easily to Holly, she is passionate about inspiring other students to persevere through challenges and accomplish their goals. Holly believes that her role is to “guide and support students to have a deep understanding of the subject matter. I want them to feel confident with the topics and always feel comfortable asking questions.” She goes on to say that “connecting material to real life and its importance helps students understand the concepts”. Many would describe Holly as an attentive listener who is not only patient, but also has a good sense of humor. Holly offers general academic tutoring, history, biology, and chemistry tutoring. 


In her spare time, Holly enjoys hiking, traveling, country dancing and surfing. Holly says “that from the people to the food, Texas is the best state!”

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