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Ashley Bettis
High School Math and SAT/ACT Prep

Ashley Bettis, a Texas A&M graduate, earned her degree in Mathematics and Economics. While she is certified to teach 8th to 12th grade math, Ashley’s real passion lies in helping students master the math sections of the ACT and/or SAT. She is not your typical math teacher in that she uses her outgoing and bubbly personality to engage her students while being patient as the conquer challenging concepts. Ashley says, "I believe each student was uniquely created and thus deserves a unique approach in their education.” She is dedicated to helping her students discover the methods to connect the dots in math. Ashley accomplishes this by breaking down complex topics into fun, bitesize nuggets allowing confidence to build. Students appreciate Ashley’s fun and relaxed demeanor, while parents value her transparency and her professionalism.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family playing board games, watching movies, and completing puzzles. Ashley, her husband and their three kids have been spending more time in the outdoors and have recently taken up camping.

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