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Headshot - Bri Beckman.jpg

Bri Beckman
Academic Adviser

After graduating from the University of Arkansas with her Bachelors of Science in Education, Bri Beckman returned home to Fort Worth to begin her career teaching and leading youth. While most of her classroom experience is with younger students, Bri has found her passion in working with middle and high schoolers. A graduate of Southwest Christian School, Bri says, “I believe that every student is unique. It is my role as a mentor to teach to the needs of each student so they can feel capable and successful. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals by creating a learning environment where each student feels confident to test their limits.” Bri has successfully found a balance between fostering genuine relationship with students while holding them accountable to their actions and outcomes. Described as caring, yet fun and adventurous, Bri is able to inspire students to try new strategies and accomplish what seems like impossible tasks. 


When she is not working, Bri enjoys spending time with her fiancé, trying to perfect her favorite recipes, participating in group fitness classes and taking her cat Stella on stroller rides. 

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