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Becca Richardson Duenckel
Academic Adviser

As a licensed specialist in school psychology (LSSP) at Carroll ISD, Becca is passionate about helping students move past their social, emotional, and academic needs to find success both inside and outside of the classroom. With her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University and a Graduate Degree in School Psychology from the University of Denver as an Education Specialist (Ed.S.), Becca partners with students to identify strengths, build self-esteem and self-advocacy while holding them accountable. As an education professional, Becca believes that “kids want to be successful,” and that “building new skills and teaching new strategies for learning allows students to flourish.” With her joyful personality, Becca creates genuine connections with students, which stimulates growth both academically and personally. 


In her free time, Becca enjoys reading, discovering new Netflix shows, working out at Orangetheory Fitness, and hanging out with her husband Jake. You might also find her snuggling her two cats, Ferguson and April.

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