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Annie Bures Cowden

Academic Adviser

Annie developed a passion for aiding students in their journey to academic success during her undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University. While at University, Annie earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Education and a M.Ed. in Higher Education. With experience in college admission and orientation, Annie excels at supporting students through times of transition in their academic careers. In order for students to effectively work with an adviser, Annie encourages students to identify and develop their personal motivations for success. Annie worked at TCU for 4 years helping first year students navigate the increased expectations of college academics. This experience provided Annie insight into the high school and college transition that has been invaluable to the students that she assists at Achieve Advisers.


Outside of work, Annie enjoys volunteering with youth leadership development programs and spending time with her two dogs, Stevie Nicks and Tusk.

Hayley, a parent at Texas Tech Online 

Working with Annie could not have gone better. She was very easy to work with so fun to be around. She took the time to understand our son and how his brain works. She identified and taught him strategies to overcome the obstacles he faces with planning, organization and time management. When he didn’t follow through she provided alternatives that would work better for him. He’s having a great senior year because of the skills he has learned and already has several college acceptances. We would not hesitate to recommend Annie.

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